Pacific Smile Our Doctors

Dr. Daniel Cifuentes:

Comes from a very small family were the only thing that can come close to that, is friendship. It was 1998, when he met Dr. Tatiana Ortiz, director of Pacific Smile. Since then, not only professional paths have united them, but most importantly, friendship.

As you can imagine, in a field like dentistry, empathy is one of the biggest concerns. Not only for our patients, but for ourselves. Dr. Cifuentes prides in taking every measure available to treat his patients as human beings before anything else. He likes stablishing close relationships because of all the reasons he became a dentist (and now a Specialist in Prosthodontics) in the first place: Changing how people see dentistry (you can ask him when you meet him one day )

He used to live in Tamarindo after he graduated from dental school and now he looks forward every time he comes down here, not only to treat our patients, but to see his friends.

Dr. Cifuentes graduated in the University of Costa Rica and did a Master and Residency in Prosthodontics, Cifuentes has been an Opinion Leader for Biomet 3i Dental Implants (Palm Beach, FL, USA), Neodent Implantes (Curitiba Brasil), and Biohorizons Dental Implants (Birmingham, AL, USA) and is owner and founder of one of the first digital Dental Laboratories in Costa Rica: Milling Dental Technologies,which makes first class quality dental work for our patients at Pacific Smile.