Pacific Smile Our Doctors

Dra. Tatiana Ortiz:

Dr Tati is passionate about health and making people smile. Since she was little she had the feeling things could be done differently in the medical field. Some past experiences brought her to study more profoundly the body connections and self healing abilities in each one of us. Through professional experience she was able to realize how everything in our body is connected and something that might seem irrelevant, could be causing a chain of events through the body weakening it and not allowing it to adapt. Dr. Tati studied dentistry in the University of Costa Rica – graduating in 2004 and has achieved degrees in alternative medicine techniques, keeping her studies up to date and always deepening her pratice treating each patient personally and profoundly.

On her personal time she loves to practice yoga, surf, play the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and of course, be close to nature.

Her love for life, nature and the ocean guide her path to Tamarindo, where she opened Pacific Smile Dental Care and helps heal one smile at a time.