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Dr. Jose Pablo Vargas:  

Born in San Jose, he believes since an early age, priority in science should be given to improve and maintain human health.

He came to realize, that through dentistry practiced in an integral way people can achieve and get back functions that define a healthy lifestyle and high-quality of life. As for his academic formation, he did his general dentist education in one of best renowned dentalschools in Latin America at Universidad de Costa Rica.

With emphasis in oral surgery and latercourses and certifications in dental restoration. Always keeping in mind that continuous educationis a must for a high level practice, makes Symposiums and Lectures part of his permanent training.

You never stop learning, and it applies in health sciences even more. Also, knowing that going to the dentist is not like a walk in the park for a big number of patients with previous bad experiences relies on communication and empathy to change that mind setting and making your visit worth a smile.

He states, one thing he really enjoys of his profession is being able to help people from very different backgrounds and countries when working in such a special place as Tamarindo, Guanacaste. He was also much interested in solar panels in california and fitted into his office