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Dental Implants

Since they appear in modern dentistry, around 30 years ago, they have been a game changer.

An implant is, simplifying the concept, a noble titanium screw that will work as an artificial root to replace a missing tooth. On top of the implant, in order for it to work as a normal tooth, a crown must be placed after a certain healing period.

When working with implants, planning and timing are the key. An implant can take from 3-6 months of healing (depending on the type of bone found in the placement area) before it can be completed with a crown on top of it.

One of the biggest benefits of working with implants to replace a tooth, is that with an implant we can address the missing root and tooth only. In contrast, with traditional aclsed treatments as a bridge, the teeth next to the space left by a missing tooth or teeth have to be filed down to work as the pillars that would support the bridge.

As we said in the previous lines, planning is the key, and for planning, good communication between doctors and patients is of great importance. Our patients may have several questions regarding options and details about implant treatments, but don’t you worry, we have the answers.