Pacific Smile Services

Endodontic Treatments (Root Canal Treatments)

All our teeth are naturally alive. By the action of different harmful events (deep cavities, dental fractures, sport trauma and more) the inner living tissues can get affected irreversibly and die. Once this happens and infection can occur and it is time to get rid of the damaged inner tissues inside the tooth (the nerve).

To remove the affected part of the tooth, we perform a root canal treatment, where under local anesthesia, the nerve is removed and the tooth is cleaned, disinfected and sealed on its inside.

After the endodontic treatment is done, a filling or a crown restoration is needed to cover the root canal treatment and give the tooth back its functionality.

Root canals are done on a patient with a good inmune system and not everyone is a candidate for it. We study each case carefully, in order to make sure, your body can accept the treatment.