Pacific Smile Services

Holistic Dentistry

As the ONLY Holistic dental office in Tamarindo, Pacific Smile provides a unique experience to each patient. We work on a personal level, getting to know the patient as a person, doing a thorough diagnose and using the latest technologies to work in hand with the alternative therapies, the patient will be able to balance not only his mouth issues but the whole body. Our sessions are different for every patient, depending on what the personal needs are and we include several therapies to guarantee the best treatment possible for a smile from the inside out.



Flower essence therapy is the practice of using flower essences to restore balance between mind, body and spirit. This healing practice was introduced by Dr. Edward Bach in 1928, to help restore health from the root cause of an illness. We combine both Bach Flowers and other systems, to be able to heal through the power of nature. It is one of the mostly used therapies nowadays both in Europe and America and it is accepted as complimentary treatment by the WHO (World Health Organization). This treatment has no secondary effects or contraindications upon it’s use. Through a detailed interview, we determine root cause of an illness and begin a wonderful healing journey with the patient, being able to restore balance and health. During dental procedures, we use this flower essences as well, before, during and after an extensive treatment, allowing the body to respond much quicker and better to any particular dental treatment the patient needs to undergo.


Modern Biophysics has shown that cells resonate at certain frequencies and have radio-like transmitting and receiving properties. These cells inter-communicate and control biological and chemical systems in the body. Healthy harmonic cells resonate at a very different frequency to that of unhealthy cells. Through our micro mat we can stimulate healthy function of the cells through bio resonance.
The MicroMat is a bio-electro-magnetic-frequency device which produces dynamic therapeutic signals creating a symphony of waves reestablishing the biological information and communication between cells. Using the MicroMat will boost your cellular energetic flow by synchronizing your biological rhythms and restoring your bodily functions assisting in the prevention of illnesses and reducing symptoms of disease or imbalance.
It is very important to understand, unlike other devices in the market, we do NOT diagnose, only restablish cell balance.

Description from Healing House, designers of Micromat Bioresonance


It’s a method created for doctors and dentists in which a full body scan is done, reading both energy and physical fields of the body. This session works wih the patient as a whole, including emotional and physical conflicts which could be the underlying cause of an illness. Our healer, through the Bioenergetic exam, will guide you to a better version of yourself, including nutritional recommendations for a healthier life. At the end of the exam, a full restorative session is done, including therapies as reiki, magnetic balances and synthergetics.


At Pacific Smile we love to use eco friendly products as well as holistic/integrative alternatives for both prevention and healing.

Essential oils

We use during our sessions essential oils from 100% Therapeutic Grade Oils, both for Aromatherapy as well as a natural alternative for certain cases or used in hand with dentistry treatments to ensure the best results possible.

Colloidal Products

From a special lab in San Jose, we offer our patients products such as Colloidal Silver known to have amazing antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Colloidal Magnesium for stronger bones, relaxed muscles and better sleep. Colloidal Gold which can help your energy levels,anxiety as well as brain functions and other Colloidal products which are an excellent addition to your everyday life with no side effects.

Always consult an expert upon which natural products are best for you, we use this to complement our practice, not to replace an appropiate evaluation,diagnose and treatment.

Natural Oral Hygiene Products

Our wonderful selection of 100% Natural Mouthwash, toothpaste and toothbrushes will make your oral hygiene an amazing treat for the whole body while having less impact on our environment. Our patients can purchase any item at our office, including Biodegradable toothbrushes made out of Bamboo from the amazing Glanz Care products from Europe, Flower Essence formulas for everyday use specially formulated by Dr. Tatiana Ortiz with high vibrational process, Colloidal products for preventing and mantaining health.