Pacific Smile Services

Restorative Dentistry

Our highly experienced staff works everyday with top quality materials and techniques.

From a preventive sealant in a temporary tooth; to a completely natural looking veneer restoring a damaged front tooth. Including crowns, bridges, implants and more.

We work exclusively with our dental digital laboratory in San Jose, where cutting edge technology help us plan, design and fabricate the restorations for our patients cases.

We have a wide variety of materials to create the final treatment, depending on the needs of every patient, we can work with composite resin, zirconium, porcelain and more. Based on our diagnosis and experience, we will guide you to the treatment option and materials that suit your case and body the best.


  • A denture is a removable appliance, custom made, that replaces one or more missing teeth.
  • Depending on the case, implants can be used to create a better retention of the denture.

Crowns And Bridges

  • When major dental damage exists, regular fillings are not the first option for a permanent, fully functional restorative treatment.
  • In these cases, we work with crowns (also known as caps), that will work as a helmet for the damaged tooth. The crowns and bridges can be made of porcelain, metal, zirconium, or a combination of these materials depending on the functional and esthetic needs of every case.
  • When the problem is a missing tooth (or several) then the treatment can be a removable denture, a bridge (fixed structure) or implants.
  • A bridge, the fixed option, relies on the teeth on the sides of the empty space left by the missing teeth to replace it. It is cemented in place, so it is a permanent and non-removable treatment.


  • Fillings nowadays work as an artificial replacement for a lost tissue. When a tooth has a cavity or is broken, we can replace the damaged and lost tissues that wont grow back by their own. When the enamel is damaged (cavity decay, chipped, broken) we are able to reconstruct the affected parts with a composite filling, matching your tooths natural color and shape.
  • Forget about silver fillings and other materials that behave totally different from enamel and your teeths tissues and can cause toxic materials to spread through your body.