Pacific Smile Testimonials

-The level of care for their patients goes above and beyond. I had a complicated wisdom tooth removal, and although the Surgeon they chose to perform my surgery was very talented, it was the fact that both Dra Tatiana and Dr Pablo were with me, supporting me before, during, after this surgery that made it so much better an experience.

Our son actually looks forward to the dentist visits because they are so welcoming and patient with kids. I just can’t say thank you enough Pacific Smile– I don’t know what we would do without Dra Tatiana and Dr Pablo, along with their carefully selected specialist team. Corynne Hughes, Australia/Tamarindo CR

– Desde nía tuve pánico de los dentistas por experiencias pasadas. Nunca penas que siendo adulta fuera a encontrar a una doctora con tan buena mano e intenciones hacia sus pacientes. La Dra. Ortiz enfoca su practica hacia la búsqueda del problema desde la raíz y utiliza técnicas muy modernas combinándolas con otras mas holísticas como la aromaterapia, musicoterapia, flores de Bach etc… es como una sesión dental y psicológica en uno. Es una sesión de sanación completa y muy profesional.

Ya no le temo a la cita con la dentista, a pesar de que hasta me asistió en mi tratamiento de la cordales de la forma menos invasiva posible. Ella, al igual que su equipo, curan con los mas altos estándares de profesionalismo y cariño. Les agradezco y recomiendo infinitamente. Marcela Nuñez, Tamarindo CR

-I first met Dr. Tatiana Ortiz about 12 years ago when a dental crown became dislodged during lunch in Tamarindo. I found a dentist’s office close by, was able to get in to see a dentist after a short wait and the crown was put back in place. That was my first encounter with Dr. Ortiz and I have not had any problems with the crown ever since. During the next few years, our family had a house built in Playa Grande (across the estuary from Tamarindo) and all of our family members started using Dr. Ortiz for dental services.

Several years ago, Dr. Ortiz opened her own dental practice called Pacific Smile in its current location in Tamarindo across the street from Automercado where she and Dr. Pablo Vargas continue to provide excellent dental care. Over the years, our family members have received a variety of dental services at Pacific Smile, such as cleaning and preventative care, fillings, crowns and dental whitening. During that time we have not had any reason to seek dental services in the USA since the cost of dental care in Costa Rica is significantly less and the quality of care at Pacific Smile is every bit as good. By the way, both dentists speak flawless English so communication is never a problem.

Dr. Ortiz is a very kind and caring person and all of our family members look forward to our visits to Pacific Smile. I would recommend Pacific Smile to anyone looking for high quality dental services at a reasonable cost. Ken Roberts,Maine, USA.

-I have lived in the Tamarindo area of Costa Rica for over 14 years now. It took me 12 years to find the right dentist! Dra. Tatiana is wonderful. Where else can you get a head massage with Lavender oil before you get your teeth cleaned Going to her office is always a great experience. I have no reservation in recommending her to any of our clients and friends. Laurel Rooney-DiMaggio, Tamarindo CR

-Our whole family are Dr. Tatiana Ortiz patients. There is no other dentist we would ever consider going to after becoming her patients. Tatiana is not only an incredibly talented dentist, but also a fair, honest and wonderful human being. She does what is necessary and her prices are beyond reasonable. She has repaired all the substandard dental work that we have had done in the past. She uses top quality, no invasive materials and is a holistic dentist which was important to me. ?We are lucky and honored to have such a great Dr. in Tamarindo and working on us. Jolene and Gary Clarke, USA/CR

-Tatiana and her staff are Stellar! I have never liked going to the dentist but the Pacific Smile office is more than just going to the dentist. It is a calming, relaxed experience. Zen dental if you will. She has cleaned my teeth for years but then I had cancer and lost some teeth. I emailed Tatiana and told her what was going on. She directed me on what to get done before I came to see her and she took care of everything else on her end. It was so easy. The care was Amazing!!! I recommend Tatiana and her Staff to everyone I know. Thanks Pacific Smile and Beautiful Tatiana! Peace, Love and Smiles!!!. Anna Vacca, Oregon USA

-Tatiana (Pacific Smile Dental practice) is anchored in a holistic approach. Understanding the connection between oral health and a patient’s overall emotional and physical health. Her non-invasive dental approach lets her collaborate and work with a patient’s general health, encouraging the dental course of action, based on how the patient and their mouth and bodies are responding to treatment. Tatiana understands the healing capabilities s of our bodies. She is a sweetheart and deeply cares about her patients. Also a super technician. Very competent in her work. Definately one of the gems of Tamarindo. Michael Striebel, Tamarindo CR

-Tatiana is by far the best dentist we have ever worked with. Non-invasive, preventative, solution-oriented, and precision work. Careful and attentive. Natural approach to a healthy mouth. Kind, gentle, and thoughtful. Making smiles, for sure! Elizabeth Striebel, Tamarindo CR

-As a mom and someone who is a freak about her teeth and her kids teeth but also didn’t want my kids afraid of the dentist best decision I made was going to Pacific Smile when Dra.Tatiana first opened her office years ago!! My kids love the dentist even though they have been through some surgeries at Pacific Smile they couldn’t believe how relaxed the Dr and her staff made them feel and how light her touch is! I lived in Costa Rica for many years and now in USA but still fly back to get my and my daughter and son’s teeth cleaned and any work we need done ! Never been to a better dentist ANYWHERE! And the price is great also!! I sent my sister down to CR to Pacific Smile after chemotherapy ruined her teeth and not only did they do an AMAZING JOB and AT AN AMAZING PRICE but they also figured out she needed a lot less invasive procedures than she was told in USA ! Can’t beat that kind of outcome ! Thank you Dra. Tatiana and all your wonderful staff! Shannon Vacca, Oregon USA

-“I typically dont like visits to the dentist, but Dr. Ortiz is such a lovely person, that I looked forward to going. She took the time to address, not only my dental concerns, but the whole person as well, which I really appreciated. I was amazed at how she effortlessly and gently repaired my teeth. She did a great (and painless) job and I cannot recommend her highly enough!”. Robyn Savage, USA